Striate+™ is a porcine-derived resorbable collagen barrier membrane for guided bone and tissue regeneration. It is the next generation of collagen membranes which, due to its unique manufacturing process, creates a favorable environment for rapid regeneration of high-quality bone and soft tissue. The membrane can be used before or simultaneously with implantation as well as with sinus floor elevation techniques. Due to the properties of the bilayer structure, it can also be applied in the surgical treatment of periodontal defects.

Striate+ was developed to protect the bone graft from epithelial cell ingrowth and to create a favorable environment for osteogenesis – with a predictable resorption time for protected bone regeneration.

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Product features

  • Preservation of the collagen architecture of the original tissue due to the optimized manufacturing process. This results in very good processing properties and a natural degradation profile.
  • Easy fixation – the membrane can be sutured, screw-retained or pinned without tearing.
  • Minimized inflammatory response
  • Predictable resorption within four to six months
  • Optimal wound stabilization and healing
  • Ideal soft tissue integration yielding aesthetic results
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