PermaPro® – the synthetic alternative

High-density PTFE barrier membrane

PermaPro is an exceptionally thin, non-resorbable, biologically inert and biocompatible membrane made of high-density polytetrafluoro¬ethylene (PTFE). The PermaPro membrane maintains its structural properties both during the initial implantation as well as over the entire healing period. Due to its dense structure, the membrane acts as an efficient barrier against bacterial and cellular penetration, and can therefore heal openly in certain procedures, depending on the indication.

The use of PermaPro is especially recommended for regeneration of bone defects outside the ridge contour, because it offers a higher stability and superior space-maintaining properties compared to resorbable (collagen) membranes. In addition, open healing with PermaPro in socket or ridge preservation enables maintenance of the soft tissue architecture and contours since no primary wound closure is required. This prevents coronal displacement of the mucogingival border and the attached/keratinized gingiva is preserved.

PermaPro® – synthetic, non-resorbable PTFE membrane

  • 100 % synthetic PTFE barrier membrane
  • Ultra-thin (approx. 0.08 mm)
  • Impervious to bacteria due to dense structure
  • Easily removable due to minimal tissue ingrowth into the surface structure
  • No need for primary soft tissue closure (indication-dependent)1, 2 
  • Easy recovery thanks to blue color
  • Rounded edges for minimal tissue trauma
  • Easy fixation with sutures or pins

Regeneration and augmentation

The aim of any tissue regeneration technique, and bone grafting in particular, is to achieve formation of living and reactive tissue able to undergo a sustained state of remodeling to maintain the mechanical and the biologic function in the long term. If the native bone volume is insufficient for the insertion of implants, measures to augment the alveolar bone are often necessary.

Augmentation can, for example, be performed after bone loss, periodontal disease, tooth extraction or trauma - depending on the indication - before or at the same time as implant placement.

PermaPro® – synthetic, non-resorbable PTFE membrane

PermaPro is a temporary barrier membrane that exhibits high dimensional stability and good volume retention. It is used in GBR for multi-walled extensive vertical alveolar ridge defects.

  • Socket and ridge preservation (open healing)
  • Horizontal / vertical ridge augmentation
  • Fenestration and dehiscence defects
  • Intraosseous defects (1 – 3 walls)
Regeneration of extraction sockets


Filling the socket with SynMax® in combination with the PermaPro membrane to regenerate the bone so that the volume and shape of the bone are retained over time.

Regeneration of periodontal osseous defects


A tooth with a good prognosis can be preserved by regenerating a bone deficit - supported by biomaterials such as SynMax in combination with the PermaPro membrane

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