We are Implantology

Combined forces. Accelerated evolution.

Inspired to achieve excellence in oral reconstruction, we use our combined forces to accelerate evolution within global implantology.

Since 2016, BioHorizons™ and Camlog™ have been strategically evolving and joining forces under the umbrella of Henry Schein's Global Oral Reconstruction Group. Comprehensive implant systems, digital workflows and innovative regenerative solutions offer our customers tooth replacement solutions that are evidence-based and scientifically supported. High-quality educational programs and experienced, dedicated teams at your side ensure that you are ideally positioned for the future of implantology.

Our mission

We are focused. So you can succeed.

We are implantology with heart and soul, striving for excellence, accelerating prosperous evolution, together; caring for each other’s well-being. For our customers, their patients, and teams. For our business partners, our employees and the communities, we live in.

An intelligent, comprehensive, evidence-based portfolio.

Our users can deliver highly aesthetic and lasting results according to their preferred clinical methods. This is because we cater to your preferences, delivering innovations in dental implantology at the highest level of quality and service. We strive for the optimum user experience: intuitive and user-friendly surgical protocols, connection designs and restorative solutions. 

Our campaign

A digital workflow with high adaptability and precision.

Our approach is to facilitate and enhance your clinic’s existing workflow that is already familiar to you. Therefore, our solutions are open and adapt to quickly evolving techniques which support prevalent digital workflows.

Our campaign

Inspirational partnerships

With the collaborative strength of our individual teams, our subsidiaries and global distribution network, our aim is to be your reliable partner, supporting your continued success. We are patient-, dentist- and lab-centric to create genuine added value for our customers, our customers’ patients and our business partners. They are at the center of everything we do. By building inspirational and trustworthy business relationships, we can foster partnerships that see eye to eye and offer professional service and support.

Our campaign

Navigate to success with experience and know-how.

In the changing world of implantology, we actively support excellence in science. We transfer our knowledge to you, so you can further your skills and deepen your expertise. We offer education at the highest international level, as well as value-added programs for practice and team development. We invite you to explore our educational program consisting of webinars, seminars and training courses delivered by our network of renowned experts and professional trainers.

Our campaign

Our Heritage

Entrepreneurial Spirit. Complementary Experiences.

In joining the complementary strengths of Biohorizons and Camlog, an excelling global leader was formed. With a combined market experience of over 45 years, Biohorizons Camlog is dedicated to implant dentistry. Not only do we sustain our cultural roots, but we have kept our clear business focus on implantology that is benefiting our customers and business partners globally. Our dedicated global teams are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, which motivates us to create success around the world.

We have joy in what we do – like you.

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Research and Development

Quality is never left to chance.

Implant dentistry is complex and small details create successful outcomes. We listen to our users’ feedback and consider changes, combining science and practical experience. In collaboration with our valued and experienced users, we develop, implement and optimize product concepts in our research and development centers located at CAMLOG Biotechnologies GmbH in Basel, Switzerland and at the BioHorizons Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Our researchers and developers continuously discover innovative solutions for dental implants, accessories and surgical instruments. Quality controls are carried out on all company processes complying with latest medical device standards.

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Combining two solid foundations for sustainable growth.

BioHorizons Camlog benefits from three production facilities; Birmingham, Alabama; Oceanside-California both in the USA and Wimsheim, Germany. Thanks to the high-tech manufacturing processes and continuous quality assurance, we can offer our premium range of products. At our facilities, the structure and purity of the implant surface are checked under a scanning electron microscope – and each implant is subjected to a 100% inspection during the final quality check. The production facilities meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Act – in both Europe and the USA.