CAMLOG® Surgery

Thought-out range of instruments – easy handling

Specific surgery sets are available for the CAMLOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE and CAMLOG® SCREW-LINE Implant lines. The surgical procedure is characterized by its ease of handling – options of drills with depth stops and color coding allow efficient work.

The Guide System

Template-guided implantation of CAMLOG PROGRESSIVE-LINE and SCREW-LINE Implants can be performed easily and precisely with the Guide System components. 3D planning within the context of backward planning with implant planning software and implementation with the Guide System offers the user simple, predictable, and safe implant bed preparation. Depending on the software used, physiological structures as well as the planned restoration can be taken into account when planning the exact implant position and dimension.

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Drill sets for SCREW-LINE Implants
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Drill template with depth stop for CAMLOG Implants
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The surgery sets for PROGRESSIVE-LINE and SCREW-LINE contain all the surgical instruments required for implant bed preparation and insertion of CAMLOG/CONELOG PROGRESSIVE-LINE or SCREW-LINE Implants. The drills are arranged according to the surgical protocol and color coded by implant diameter. The exact drilling sequence is supported visually by colored lines marked on the tray. The reusable drills and taps without internal irrigation ensure gentle preparation of the implant bed. The four-edged cutting geometry of the drills ensures excellent cutting performance and allows bone chips to be collected for use in simultaneous augmentation. A wash tray is available for mechanical reprocessing of the surgical instruments of CAMLOG/CONELOG PROGRESSIVE-LINE and SCREW-LINE.

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Surgery set SCREW-LINE
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The CAMLOG Implant System

Osteotomy sets for CAMLOG SCREW-LINE

The ease of use and the quality of the osteotomes of the CONELOG/CAMLOG SCREW-LINE Sets are impressive. The local bone can be compressed and displaced to achieve better primary stability of the implants in soft bone. The CAMLOG/CONELOG SCREW-LINE Osteotomy sets are available in straight-convex, angulated-convex, straight-concave, and angulated-concave versions.

Healing caps for the CAMLOG Implant System

Use of the CAMLOG Healing caps supports the development of peri-implant soft tissue during the healing phase. The healing caps are available in three different geometries: wide body narrow, wide body, cylindrical, and bottleneck. CAMLOG® Healing caps PS are available for the Platform Switching option.

The DEDICAM® CAD/CAM service division also offers one- and two-piece customized healing caps with anatomically designed emergence profiles.

The DEDICAM restoration options

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