BioHorizons™ Prosthetics

A broad range of prosthetics covering a wide range of indications

BioHorizons offers a broad array of abutments for a wide range of indications and patient conditions including the versatile 3inOne abutment and the convenient Simple Solutions restorative system. Our conical abutment-implant connection and tight machining tolerances create a "wedging effect" that produces a biologic seal. Abutment screw loosening is avoided by the Spiralock thread design, the same design used in the orthopedic and aerospace industries.

Authentic Connection

The BioHorizons conical, internally hexed connection features a number of unique design advantages focused on strength, durability and usability. The mating surfaces of the implant, abutment and abutment screw create a strong and durable precision fit as well as a predictable seal that isolates the inside of the implant from the oral biological environment. Using authentic BioHorizons parts will ensure a precision fit between the prosthetic component and implant, avoiding costly component failures that may occur from using third-party prosthetics.

Features at a glance

  • Spiralock technology minimizes screw loosening and fatigue failure
  • Precise mating geometries reduce prosthetic failures
  • Advanced design creates a better engineered connection
  • Color-coded prosthetic components match implant platforms

The Prosthetic Portfolio

BioHorizons Prosthetics Tapered Healing Abutmentsshow more
Healing Abutments
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BioHorizons Prosthetics Impression Componentsshow more
Impression Components
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BioHorizons Prosthetics Multi-unit Abutmentsshow more
Multi-unit Abutments
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BioHorizons OD Secure Abutmentsshow more
OD Secure™ abutments
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CAD/CAM Abutments

BioHorizons Prosthetics Hybrid Base Abutmentsshow more
Hybrid Abutment Base
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BioHorizons Prosthetics Angled Screw Systemshow more
Precision Angled Screw System
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BioHorizons Prosthetics Snap Scan Bodyshow more
Snap Scan Body
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BioHorizons Prosthetics Titanium Base Abutmentsshow more
Titanium Base Abutments
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BioHorizons Prosthetics PEEK Scan Abutmentsshow more
PEEK Scan Abutments
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Temporary Abutments

BioHorizons Prosthetics Tapered Angled PEEK Temporary Abutmentshow more
Angled PEEK Temporary Abutment
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BioHorizons Prosthetics Tapered Temporary PEEK Abutmentsshow more
PEEK Temporary Abutments
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BioHorizons Prosthetics Tapered Easy Ti Temporary PEEK Abutmentsshow more
Easy Ti Temp Abutment
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BioHorizons Prosthetics Tapered Titanium Temporary Abutmentsshow more
Titanium Temporary Abutments
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BioHorizons Prosthetics Tapered PEEK Temporary Cylinder Abutmentsshow more
PEEK Temporary Cylinder Abutments
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Product catalog
The BioHorizons Prosthetics
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