Bone substitute materials

MinerOss® A, MinerOss® XP, MinerOss® X, CeraOss® and SynMax®

Both the ingrowth of surrounding bone tissue and the promotion of the development of low differentiated progenitor cells in bone cells are to be supported by a bone substitute material. The chemical, physical, and mechanical properties are important characteristics of a bone substitute material and define its suitability for clinical application.

MinerOss A is an allograft made from human donor bone. Scientific studies have shown that allografts are most similar to the patient‘s autologous bone in use. They integrate quickly and have the potential for remodeling.1-5

MinerOss XP and MinerOss X combine all these properties. They exhibit a slow resorption rate (source: Guarnieri et al. Regenerative Biomaterials, 2017, 1–4). This allows substantial new bone formation. CeraOss granules, high-quality, pure bone mineral of bovine origin. The synthetic SynMax granules offer dentists an alternative to bone substitute materials of porcine and bovine origin and expand the treatment spectrum.

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MinerOss™ A –
Human Bone Allograft

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MinerOss™ XP –
Porcine bone mineral matrix

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MinerOss™ X –
Bovine bone mineral matrix

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Pure, bovine bone mineral

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The synthetic alternative

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