Bone substitute material MinerOss® X

The chemical, physical, and mechanical properties are important characteristics of a bone substitute material and define its suitability for clinical application. Both the ingrowth of surrounding bone tissue and the promotion of the development of low differentiated progenitor cells in bone cells are to be supported by a bone substitute material. MinerOss X combines all these properties. They exhibit a slow resorption rate (source: Guarnieri et al. Regenerative Biomaterials, 2017, 1–4). This allows substantial new bone formation.

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MinerOss X – bone mineral matrix

MinerOss X is an inorganic bovine bone mineral matrix that is comparable to the mineral structure of human bone tissue. MinerOss X is available as cortical or cancellous bone granules as well as in block form with the addition of 5% bovine collagen. The complex trabecular architecture and natural structure are designed for ideal bone formation and remodeling at the defect site.

The MinerOss X range is used for extraction sockets, alveolar ridge enhancement, and sinus augmentations.

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