BioHorizons Camlog Implant Systems

With our implant lines, we offer evidence-based solutions for different concepts and requirements.
Clinically proven, scientifically based - which implant system meets your preferences?

CAMLOG® Implant System

Prosthetic simplicity

CONELOG® Implant System

Best in class conical connection*

CERALOG® Implant System


iSy® ­Implant System

Efficient workflows

Tapered Pro Implant System

Predictable, immediate results

Tapered Short Implant System

Excellent primary stability

Tapered 3.0 Implant System

Stability and maximum bone maintenance

Tapered PTG Implant System

Expanding clinical protocols

* [1] Semper-Hogg W, Kraft S, Stiller S, Mehrhof J, Nelson K. Analytical and experimental position stability of the abutment in different dental implant systems with a conical implant-abutment connection. Clin Oral Investig 2010;17(3): 1017-23

[2] Semper Hogg W, Zulauf K, Mehrhof J, Nelson K. The influence of torque tightening on the position stability of the abutment in conical implant-abutment connections. Int J Prosthodont 2015;28:538-41