MinerOss™ A

The scientific evidence shows that allografts are the second best option to patient‘s own bone compared to other bone substitutes.1

MinerOss™ A is a processed allogenic bone tissue that offers proven, reliable, and predictable surgical outcomes comparable to autologous bone harvested from intra-oral donor sites. MinerOss A is an allograft predominantly derived from human donor femoral heads post hip replacement surgery. The donor tissue is thoroughly inspected and undergoes a strict serological screening protocol.

Thanks to its natural bone composition consisting of mineralised human collagen, MinerOss A shows a high biologic regeneration capability in combination with natural remodelling. Therefore MinerOss A is an excellent alternative to autologous bone, meaning that there is no need for an intraoral surgical donor site, which reduces morbidity for the patient.

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Product characteristics

  • Bone from human donors (living donors: femoral heads, post-mortem donors: diaphysis)
  • Natural bone composition - mineralized human collagen
  • High biologic regeneration capability and natural remodeling
  • High safety standards
  • 5 years shelf-life at 5°C - 30°C
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