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TeethXpress: A full arch immediate load protocol Surgical and Restorative Rationale

Full arch management has it challenges not only from a surgical point of view but especially under a prosthetic standpoint. Diagnosis and treatment plan properly these cases play a pivotal role for the final successful outcome. In fact, CBCT software analysis together with all the prosthetic evaluation needed prior the surgical day will be highlighted during the day, bringing then the focus of course specifically on the diagnostic, surgical, and prosthetic procedures that can improve the predictability of the overall procedure. Which implant geometry to be used? Which is the rationale behind the choice of placing straight or tilted implants? How many implants are needed and where? The discussion will also highlight how to obtain an accurate, passive and strength immediate provisional restoration, focusing then not only on the esthetic but also on the technical side.


Dr. Alessandro Agnini
Dr. Presiyan Krastev
Dr. Pavel Panov